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Single Line Plus Progressive Type Lubrication System

Single Line Plus Progressive Type Lubrication System

Lubcon Engineers is simple to operate and is a cost effective method of centralizing and automating the lubrication of industrial machinery and plants.
Detailed Description


As soon as all electrical and mechanical connections have been laid and pump is mounted properly, fill the grease in container through refilling unit only.  The system is ready for operation.

The interval between lubrication impulses can be adjusted progressively in the control panel, which regulates the lubrication system. 

After starting the system, grease passes through pump (fixed output type) to filter assembly (inbuilt in some cases). The filtered lubricant is then fed to the primary injector. Pressure and flow from the pump forces the spring-loaded plunger to move in the valve, dispensing metered quantity of lubricant from discharge chamber to the secondary distributor.  Depending upon the outlet combination of secondary distributor lubricant is supplied to bearing point.

After all injectors operating pressure goes on increasing and after completion of ‘ON’ time air will OFF and because of pressurised lubricant vent pin will be pushed in upward direction and return lines port will get opened.  Pressusrised grease will return in pump through vent valves return line and system will be ready for next cycle (this is pneumatic pump with vent valve Model VV)

In motorised system, motor and vent valve coil is electrically operated over D.C. voltage.  Motorised system contains pressure switch, which is set above 30-50 bar above operating pressure of last injector.  When pressure will reach to set pressure of pressure switch, Limit switch of pressure gauge operates.  System will ‘off ’ at that time.  Vent valves plunger get operated and return lines port will open and pressurised lubricant will return through vent valve to pump container and system is ready for next cycle. 

Electrical timer setting is done as per system lubricant quantity required.

Check automatic operation of system in cyclic manner.

(ON time ----OFF time----ON time----OFF time)  without getting any problem.


 Single main lines runs from Pump to farthest METERING VALVE OR INJECTOR directly or in branches / sections. 

Lubricant output from Pump reaches each metering valve OR injector via filter and vent valve assembly directly from main line.  Pressure and flow from the Pump forces spring loaded plunger in the valves to move, dispensing metered quantity of lubricant from measuring chamber individual to bearing.

After all Injectors are operated, further increase in the pressure stalls the Pump or a Pressure Switch provided in the circuit sends signal to stop the Pump. 

Then VENTING CYCLE starts by relieving the pressurised main / branch line with the help of vent valve and thus makes all Injectors ready for next cycle.



This system is ideally suited for:

-  Large variation in lubricant quantity is required for each bearing.

 -  Individual adjustment of lubricant quantity desired even during system in use.

 -  Complex applications with variety of bearing points at odd locations.



This system is recommended for Glass forming (I.S) machines, Earth moving equipments,

Textile machines, Tyre / Tube curing Presses, food processing, 

Packing machines & Vehicle chassis etc. 


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