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Multi-Line Lubrication System

Lubcon Engineers providing Single shot centralised oil lubrication system is an efficient, safe method by which a predetermined amount of oil is delivered to various lubrication points of a machine from one central source.
Detailed Description


Multi line systems basically comprises of Multioutlet Pumps having each outlet directly connected to individual bearings.  Metered quantity of lubricant is supplied to each bearing from integral reservoir of Pump.  Pump output is adjustable infinitely in case of 15 & 30 outlet Pumps.  Check Valve fitted at each outlet ensures positive dispensing.

Combination of Multioutlet Pump with Progressive Distributors offers system coverage to great extent.


 These systems are commonly used for:

-        Individual machine or small group of machines where each point needs relatively large quantity of lubricant.

-        Oil or Grease up to NLGI Class - III

-        Different groups of bearings located far away from each other.

-        Variable quantity of lubricant for different groups is desired.



This system can be ideally employed for medium and large size Presses, Mixing Mills, Sugar Mills, Shears, Punching & Packaging machines, Crushers, Turbines, Cranes, Screw Conveyors, Mining equipments and even Earthmoving equipments with 24 VDC motor in case of Motorised Pumps.



-        Multiline Centralised Lubrication System consists of Multioutlet Pumps, which are to be installed and Pump outlets to be directly connected to bearing points.

-        Stirrer in Motorised Pumps and spring loaded follower plate in Manual / Pneumatic Pumps ensure positive suction of viscous lubricants too.

-        Output to bearing point can be varied by adjustment of individual outlet or by timer setting.  In case of adjustable output type Pump; it can also be run continuously without time control.



-        Extra bearing point can be added by equipping Pump with additional Pump element up to 30 nos.

-        Combination with progressive distributors increases the scope of system up to say 660 points.

(I.e., 30 outlet Pump with 22 outlet distributors connected to each Pump outlet).

-        Higher delivery pressure (350 bar) enables farthest / machine also to be covered by single Pump.

-        In case of higher quantity required by single bearing / group, Pump outlets can be combined to get desired output.


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