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Grease Spray Lubrication Systems

Lubcon Engineers is leading manufacturer of Grease Spray Lubrication Systems.
Detailed Description


Special adhesive lubricant is pumped by motorised or pneumatic pump, which is supplied to progressive distributor through unit of filter and safety valve, hydro pneumatic (GRV) valve.  Progressive distributor in turn supplies metered quantity of lubricant to spray nozzle.

In case of ‘Unmonitored Spray Nozzle’ air and lubricant are made available at the same time to nozzle tip i.e., air and lubricant gets mixed and a fine automised spray of specific size is achieved on contact area of tooth flank of pinion / gear.

In this system lubricant is monitored through limit switch attached to distributor, which also monitors the air supply as lubricant is controlled with the help of compressed air through hydro pneumatic valve.

Whereas in case of ‘Monitored Spray Nozzle’ air is always made available at nozzle as long as pump is on.  Progressive dosing of lubricant from distributor operates respective nozzles.  This nozzle doesn’t operate unless air and lubricant both are available and at right pressure.   Limit switch or Proximity switch on each nozzle sends electrical signal.



This system is ideally suited for:

-        Lubrication of large heavily loaded open gears of Ball mills / kiln with special adhesive lubricant.

-        Lubrication of Gear racks & pinions of sliding or rubbing surfaces.



-        Open gear drives of Cement Mill, Raw Mill, Coal Mill & Kilns.

-        Chain Conveyors.



-        Complete system made 100% indigenously and offered at highly economical rates eliminating need for imports, which are not affordable due to higher cost and lead-time.

-        Options of Motorised or Pneumatic Pump as well monitored or unmonitored nozzles available with all systems made equally reliable with proper engineering.

-        Pumps suitable for std.refinery barrels with lifting winches, Refilling Pumps with auto Operation, Safety interlocks with parent machine (thru’PLC) makes system highly sophisticated.



-        System is designed with all safety factors and work conditions into consideration and least possibilities of breakdowns.

-        Special features like stand-by Pump/Element, Suction filter for pneumatic Pump and refilling filter for Motorised Pump reduces the frequency and / or duration of down time.

-        Due to easy availability of spares and expert service added with reconditioning facility for used parts, spray system is no a more holy cow or white elephant.

-        Unique feature of hydro pneumatic valve included in the system offers control of lubricant and air over each other thus making system highly reliable and fool proof. 


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